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Pet Hotel Services


Our Features

Interactive IPCAM, you can use a mobile phone to observe the dog remotely, and also communicate with the dog through IPCAM
Ventilation system. A free-standing ventilation system is set up in the accommodation area to prevent the humid and foul environment from affecting the dog’s health.
Temperature control. The hotel is equipped with air conditioners and fans, and the temperature is strictly controlled within the range of 26°C ~ 28°C, so that dogs can rest in a comfortable environment.
Soft light at night. At night break time, the light will be switched to soft light, which can make the dog rest while avoiding the dog’s depression in the complete absence of light.
Light music, whispering and soft music is played in the hotel area, which has a calming and soothing effect on dogs who do not see their owners.

Grooming Services

Our Features

The pet groomer has 5 years of experience and has won awards in recent years.
We use only natural handmade soap to bathe pets, which minimizes the irritation of the dog’s skin and reduces the chance of dog skin sensitivity.
Pet groomers are caring and patient. If the dog does not cooperate with the grooming, we will refund the full amount * and guarantee that there will be no dog abuse.
You can view the photos after the dog is groomed, and we will send the dog back to the house only after we are satisfied.

Transport Services


Our Features

The charges of transport for two ways (go and back) is only RM 10.
Experienced driver to ensure your pets always staying in secure zone.
There are three times transport service daily which are 9am, 2pm, 7pm
Door to door service, you can send your pet to our shop without leaving your house at all.

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